Saturday, February 11, 2006


Ah, the wonderful, wobbly Ciccone-Ritchie quite-happy marriage sideshow rolls on: now there's apparently a massive spat over if Guy will go and show how quite happy he is at the Brits.

Happily, an insider is on hand to explain it all to us:

"There is a real power struggle going on with Madonna and Guy.

She wants the whole world to see they are together.

"But Guy clearly has other ideas. Like all relationships, theirs is going through a bit of a bad patch but he doesn't see why he's to pretend everything is OK just to keep her happy.

"He wants them to deal with their problems in private and not put on an act for the cameras. It's a game he's just not willing to play."

Yeah, Guy doesn't want to go and put out a crappy show of poorly-scripted play acting. He does enough of that in his professional life.

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Anonymous said...

Guy - get with the program. You didn't mind paying her to do some terrible acting with some past-it thesp on Swept Away so when she offers to do it for free, you turn her down?

Madonna - has being in showbiz taught you nothing? Take out a full page ad proclaiming your love, invite some TV attention through another interminable documentary (where you get the final say as long as that say isn't "Why wasn't I in EVERY SINGLE SHOT?") and threaten to take any redtop that says differently to court.

THEN dump the limey loser, move onto someone else more photogenic and get married again (you've tried an actor followed by a director, what about a producer?), remembering to sell your photos to the highest bidder.

I'm sure there's some book material in there for the next range of kiddie books.

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