Friday, February 03, 2006


No, really. We thought he'd disappeared off into musical theatre and would, from there, perhaps turn up on Bid Up TV at some point before trying his luck at Homebase, but no; he's plotting a new album:

"I finish my stint in Chicago in two weeks and I 'm looking forward to writing some new songs for my third album.

"It has all been going well and things are starting to come together in my head."

Ah! he's going to be releasing it in his head. Now, Darius, is it possible to get a sixty watt roseglow with a screw attachment in a candlesize?


Anonymous said...

Stop being nasty to Darius!

Chris said...

Give the guy some credit.

Despite sustained negative press for four years, the two singles he released from his last album both went top ten with hardly any airplay - one week at 98 in the top 100 airplay chart doesn't amount to much promotion. No stations on the Capital network ever play his records.

At least he hasn't done covers or relied on samples - every song he's had a hit with has Darius as first writing credit and he's also first writing credit on all but one out of 25 tracks on his albums.

His role in Chicago came about because the American producers were impressed when they heard a co-written track called "Devil In You" from his last very underrated album "Live Twice"

He'd no acting or dancing experience but he nailed the part and he's gone out and sung live eight times a week for 12 weeks and unlike most celebs he has not used an understudy once.

simon h b said...

Okay, to be fair to Darius:

I saw him play live once at a TV show, and he came across as a lovely bloke; you can't fault his enthusiasm and his determination.

But... there might be a reason why the songs don't get much airplay. They're just not very good.

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