Saturday, February 04, 2006


The troubled Elton John-Anne Rice musical The Vampire Lestat is being further buffeted: after a slew of terrible reviews, they've pulled in Jonathan Butterell (choreographer on a recent version of Fiddler on the Roof) to try and make something of the show; href="">previews
have been put back for two weeks in a bid to give him time.

Elton John, meanwhile, is putting on a brave face - but even he can't stop from sounding worried:

"After reading the reviews, I was fearing the worst, but I was pleasantly surprised," John told the Post.

"We have a lot of work to do, I'm not going to deny that. ...," John said. "We certainly ran into problems in San Francisco. But I think we can sort them out."

And maybe it will be John who has the last laugh - despite the terrible reviews and even worse word-of-mouth - there might just be enough Riceheads willing to pay to ease his journey crying all the way to the bank. In San Francisco, the show broke the Curran Theatre's house record and took more than two million quid.

Evil Willow from BuffySticking a vampire in anything is still an easy way to make a quick buck.


Anonymous said...

S'your < key stuck, Simon?

Cathy said...

In that photo, Evil Willow looks a bit like Pete Burns.

simon h b said...

Cathy, thank you for putting that image in my mind.

*discards box of kleenex, cancels evening plans, feels dirty*

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