Wednesday, February 01, 2006


The NFL - the body responsible for that weird rugby they play with all the padding over in parts of America - managed to piss Aretha Franklin off. She was less than amused to discover they came to Detroit, home of Motown and, erm, The White Stripes, and got the bloody Rolling Stones in to do the music.

Eager to make ammends, the NFL called in Franklin to do some singing and dragged in Stevie Wonder as well. It turns out - guess what? - nobody really intended there to be a snub to Detroit's heritage, oh no:

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said that from the beginning, the league wanted to honor Detroit's musical legacy. He also pointed out that the pre-game and halftime shows both last 12 minutes.

McCarthy also said Tuesday that singer India.Arie has been added to the list of pre-game performers. She will join John Legend,
Joss Stone and Wonder in performing Wonder's hits as well as other Motown classics. The Four Tops also will perform prior to kickoff, but they will not be carried live on the ABC broadcast.

"It was always our intention to celebrate the contributions of Motown at the Super Bowl," he said.

We're not sure if anyone has explained to McCarthy that Joss Stone isn't actually a Motown artist. Or, indeed, much of an artist.

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