Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Looking like a Pete Doherty tribue act, Boy George appeared in a New York court today, still insisting that the drugs in his apartment weren't his. The court proceedings were put on hold until March 8th, which may at least give him time to get a hat or something.


Anonymous said...

But he doesn't act like Pete Doherty tribute act: he actually turns up where he's meant to be and doesn't admit to the drugs being his. Next thing that happens is that he ends up with a non-model, e.g. of his chaperones in the picture.

Hat??? I think a balaclava would be more suitable.

Tim Footman said...

Definitely not Pete Doherty. Looks more like a cross between Uncle Fester Addams and the drummer out of Radiohead.

Great site, btw. Check out Cultural Snow.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or is he a dead ringer for Darth Vader when he takes his mask off at the end of Return of the Jedi?

Anonymous said...

Maybe people should be nicer when they do comment on Boy George, don't you think he went through, he's been through a lot since the death of his father, so maybe a little compasion and yes on this picture he's white as a ghost, but being sick like a dog, tired and stressed, might do that to you too.

Karenne Bourbonnais

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