Saturday, February 04, 2006


To be fair, most of the Libertines have kept a respectful distance when faced with the doings of Pete Doherty; we'd assumed this was done out a degree of disappointed respect for the man. It could, though, be because when they do make a statement about him, as Gary Powell did during a break in the Dirty Pretty Things session, they don't really have much to add:

"He's not got a death wish, although it could go either way," Gary told the Razz.

"Prison isn't like sitting on the isle of Guernsey in a deckchair drinking cocktails. It's extremely intense.

"All we can do is wish him the best and hope that a ray of light will come out of it."

We can picture the jailed on their first night in the Scrubs slowly realising that they haven't been sent to the isle of Guernsey - presumably that happens just after they've been stripped to their boxers and made to put on the uniform and they notice nobody has offered them a long hard comfortable screw. Or perhaps when they have their first taste of the communal showers and somebody does.

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