Saturday, February 18, 2006


Fury up in Liverpool, where the 051 club - closed last year because of drugs and violence - has been caught planning to put on under-18s nights. Now, maybe they're not the right people to be doing it, but what did surprise us was this quote from Merseyside Police:

Sgt Paul Douglas, a licensing officer for Merseyside police, said: "Historically, these events have led to disorder so we tend not to support them."

In other words: Merseyside Police don't approve of people running club nights for under-18s at all, because sometimes they can attract trouble. Surely a constructive way for the police to begave would be offering support and help to make sure that they don't turn into disorderly events. It's a little disappointing to discover that rather than help organise events which might give young people something to do that they enjoy. Because, in our experience, teenagers hanging about with nothing to do is much more likely to lead to disorder. Perhaps some trust might be worth spreading.

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