Monday, February 06, 2006


After the Timberlake-Jackson incident, you can almost forgive the NFL and ABC for behaving like a bunch of frightened school ma'ams during the Rolling Stones set at halftime in the American Football superbowl last night. Who wants to deal with that bunch of crapola pouring over you?

However, the decision to put the band on a tape delay, and the editing of certain words from the songs makes the decision to invite the Rolling Stones in the first place just bemusing - why invite a band on to sing a song with the word "cock" in it, if you're going to bleep the word cock out?

And if the idea of the bleeping is to make the song family-friendly, in what way does simply excising the final couple of "cums" from Start Me Up make the song any less about sex? Indeed, by bleeping the final cums, you confirm that the word is c-u-m and not c-o-m-e, which means the entire song can only be about giving a man an erection - it turns a track which can be read in a non-sexual way into a single-entendre.

Apparently, there was no need to change anything about I Can't Get No Satisfaction. Indeed, the NFL were probably pretty pleased that the band were doing a song about not having sex.

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M.C. Glammer said...

And what a pile of cock it was.

Cock rhymes with pub rock. And very bad pub rock at that.

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