Tuesday, February 14, 2006


All back to Bedlam - Beldam Scooters in Bedford, to be precise. They like to listen to music when they're working in their workshops, which is fine. However, you can sometimes hear the music playing from the back when you're in the public areas.

Now, this, reckons the Performing Rights Society constitutes playing music to the public, and so they tried to shake £85 quid for a PRS licence out the scooter company. The scooter company, however, thought this was absurd; now, if someone walks in to the office, they switch the radio off.

Once again, an over-enthusiastic interpetation of the rules has left the PRS looking a little bit foolish. It's basically on the same basis as demanding cash from someone playing a CD in a car at the traffic lights with their windows down.

Although we shouldn't put ideas in their head...


M.C. Glammer said...

On the positive side, as a member of the PRS I occasionally found myself at the mercy of the jobcentre. They don't like musicians.

One day I mentioned the music playing in their office to the guy hassling me about gigs. He said they didn't like the stuff they were supposed to play so the staff brought their own CDs in. Gotcha! I called PRS and they hate the dole, too, so got them to return to the music the staff hated. Result.

And those play their music with the bass up and the car windows down deserve a fine. Although it is a great way to announce to the world what a twat one is.

simon h b said...

Oh, it's fair enough if the music is being played to the customers - although surely the place either had a PRS licence or it didn't?

Any car which booms as it goes by should automatically fail its MOT... but then I might just be jealous; our CD player garbles when we go round roundabouts. And we live in Milton Keynes, remember...

Anonymous said...

What about if the mechanic was singing a song out loud? Would he have to ask the PRS for a licence before he opens his gob?

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