Monday, February 06, 2006


Interestingly, unlike Madonna, when faced with newspaper claims his marriage is in trouble, rather than booking a high-profile dinner date and then fleeing the country, Sting went to see his solicitor.

Sting objects to claims Mick Madadi made in a British newspaper:

Mick Madadi revealed the former Police frontman favoured smoking marijuana than spend time with his wife.

"You see all these pictures of Sting and Trudie hand-in-hand and kissing sweetly and it's a lot of rubbish," Madadi alleged.

"Trudie is so needy but Sting is never there. He's just into playing his banjo and getting stoned. The couple are not all they seem."

Actually it might have been the bit about playing his banjo that really stung Sting. We can't decide if that image would have been more unsettling if Madadi was speaking literally or using a coy eumphemism.

Sting is not suing for libel, but - interestingly - for breach of confidence.