Thursday, February 02, 2006


If someone phoned you up out of the blue and said "have you ever illegally downloaded music?", would you tell the truth?

No, us neither. Which probably accounts for the unlikely figure of 92 per cent telling an Associated Press and Rolling Stone magazine they've never, ever done an illegal download.

The survey sample was pretty puny, too - just 1,000 people; oddly, 4 per cent of respondents claimed they didn't listen to music at all.


Tim Footman said...

Remarkably, according to a survey carried out on the same basis, there are no homosexuals in the Roman Catholic priesthood anywhere in the world.

Anonymous said...

... and four per cent of respondents there said they didn't like young boys at all, either

alec said...

the central limit theorem allows seemingly small sample sizes to provide pretty accurate data for large populations. the problem with this is, as you say, in the quality of the data.

Eyetie said...

Indeed, the CLT does work with small samples but the assumption is that the sample is completely random (and hence representative of the population at large). The major downer here is that it's (a) a phone interview and (b) asking people to nominate themselves for prosecution and the front pages of the Daily Mail. They would have done better to ask if the respondent knew any current illegal filesharing sites. How many people would know one off the top of their heads and NOT be using it?

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