Thursday, February 16, 2006


Oh, bloody hell: Kym Marsh has thrown her... well, self into the A Song For Europe battle. (Yes, we know they call the British heats Making Your Mind Up now, but we like tradition round here.)

Kym was last heard of trying to launch a post-Hear'Say career back in 2003, something she did with all the success of a group of brownies attempting to refloat a beached whale while the tide is out. She tried advertising during Coronation Street, she tried splitting from her boyfriend as often as Closer could get to press, she even hinted darkly that Hear'Say had been attacked by the music industry for "lifting the lid" on its secrets. All of it got her nowhere, from which she has now taken this step backwards.

She is joined in the battle for the honour to wave the Union Jack in Athens this summer by Anthony Costa, the one with the enormous face but small skull from Blue. You know, looks like a gnome flying a big kite. Impressive to see he's realised just how fucked his career is without a year or two of pretending it's going well.

Making up the numbers: Goran Kay, Four Story, City Chix (no, really and Daz Sampson. Now, doesn't that sound like a late-season evening in a Butlins ballroom?