Thursday, February 16, 2006


Paul Weller is not a man who is over-generous with praise, so when he passes his blessing on, it means something. (Normally, that he thinks a band sounds a bit like him.)

Receiving the pope-like kiss are - of course - The Arctic Monkeys:

"They've fucked off loads of people. They have done it on their own terms.

"Fucked off Top Of The Pops and done their own thing. It's powerful."

Yeah, they've stuck two fingers up at the music establishment by... erm, what, exactly? They go on Radio One to talk about how they won't play Top of the Pops, which is hardly the same thing as a self-denying ordinance. And although getting We Are Scientists to record their Brits acceptance speech was funny, a chummy gesture for the awards show isn't the same as withdrawing in disgust, is it? They're like the organic counter in Tesco: might be better for you and the planet, but they're still counting towards Tesco's profits.


Iain said...

Also, they did play When The Sun Goes Down on TOTP when it was number one anyway!

dr entropy said...

I thougth that was more TOTP using footage from jools holland or soemthing. At least that's what they said before said footage

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