Friday, February 17, 2006


You remember a few months back there was a whole hoopla over if Will Young was seeing that footballer who nobody had heard of, and then there was more hoopla over which footballer it wasn't, and besides he wasn't seeing him anyway? Well, now he's not seeing the bloke he wasn't seeing for real:

"I did meet my first ‘significant’ one but it finished about six months ago.

"I was completely heartbroken when we broke up and it totally knocked my confidence.

"I suppose for a while I thought it didn’t work out because I’m so famous and he simply couldn’t cope with that. But I’ve realised that’s utter nonsense.

"I can’t blame my showbiz fame for the fact I haven’t got myself a boyfriend."

We find it hard to believe that he actually said this last sentence, but if he really does talk like that, we think that might be the reason he hasn't got a boyfriend.

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