Tuesday, March 28, 2006


After a very long period of people not returning phonecalls, the FA have finally picked a band to knock out a tune for the World Cup: it's to be Embrace.

We hope they were carefull how they announced that, what with all the bed-hopping antics down at Lancaster Gate of late: "I rather fancy a crack at Embrace" could have caused all sorts of problems if misheard.

That this is all a little tatty is summed up by the announcement being made by, erm, the marketing manager, Tom Harold:

"The official World Cup song has become something of an institution and it is really important that we have an original and exciting track.

"We're confident that Embrace's song will capture the imagination of the fans and players alike."

An institution? We challenge anyone to whistle either 98 or 02's feeble efforts, and we don't quite see how something could be an instiution if people don't remember it. It's what makes the difference between the Queen Mother and Princess Alice, isn't it? Indeed, you have to go back sixteen years to find an official world cup song that anyone actually liked.

Oh, and the song is called World At Your Feet (do you get it? Oh, yes, you would, because it's the same lame pun as they used twenty years ago.

Make the players sing it. Go on.


Anonymous said...

Make the players sing it. Go on.

There's a good chance they can hold a tune at least as well as Danny McNamara.

and.. the FA have been in Soho Square for ages now...

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Good god, no wonder they're in such terrible straits if they've relocated there...

Anonymous said...

Wasn't 98 a re-release of Three Lions?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Nope, 98 was England United (Spice Girls and the Bunnymen) - Three Lions was re-released, but not as the official song.

Anonymous said...

I think Anonymous is a guilty partner of England United, trying a Jedi mindtrick to make us forget. It was only Big Mac though wasn't it, rather than the Bunnymen? And wasn't there an Ocean Colour Scenist involved? Not a career highpoint for anyone involved.

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