Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Nothing is harder than when you're told you're no longer required, surplus to requirements, not wanted on voyage, but Goldie Lookin' Chain are putting a brave face on things, after their label told them that face no longer fits:

“We now have artistic freedom to do what we want. We won’t be working under any restraints and won’t have to tone down the act.”

We're not sure where GLC actually were toning down their act - "we could call it your mother's got a smelly penis, but we'd never get that past the guys down at the label" - but we believe there are another six stages of grief for them to work through.

And after Maggot did Big Brother, too.


Darren H said...

Hey! You could have told me Ivor Cutler had died - I had to find it out from the Grauniad of all places. How sad.

simon h b said...

Blimey... I didn't know that...

Anonymous said...

no neither did i )-:

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