Monday, March 06, 2006


Since the Daily Mirror broke the unwritten rule of "you do not mention model's cocaine use" and printed photos of Kate Moss enjoying some coke with Babyshambles, we're not quite sure why the Sun feels its Kate Moss does coke story will be quite so shocking as it seems to think it is: unless anyone was sat at home during the Doherty soap opera going "aw, poor Kate - she takes a drug for the very first time in her life and it ends up in the paper", it's hard to imagine who the Sun thinks it'll actually be revelating to.

Having said that, it is mildly amusing to see the Sun Online claiming "Kate is still a cocaine fiend - Model snorted drug in Nelson Mandela house". Del was never happy that Rodney had that conviction for possession of cannabis, so I can't believe he'd have been pleased with that.

It's also amusing to see the copyright line on the article: "©Copyright The Sun. Our lawyers are watching." Shouldn't they be working on the Ashley Cole case instead?


jona said...

So, this Gavin 'bonds' with Kate after seeing her snort coke, and then subsequently gets dragged along every other time Kate pops into a cubicle. Is he great at keeping lookout or something?

M.C. Glammer said...

I had a right laugh myself when I saw the copyright line. The article keeps mentioning "a famous businessman," who probably also had lawyers watching the Sun.

danni said...

Kate has less of a cocaine problem, and more of a tabloid problem. How come the sun pointed out she snorted coke with Naomi Campbell, but are only trying to destroy Kates career!!?

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