Sunday, March 26, 2006


Yes, it's perhaps not the greatest of surprises, but the pretty-well-open-secret that Kate Moss and Pete Doherty aren't exactly estranged has been blown open by the News of the World this morning, which has pictures of her and Pete slinking about. They even managed to get a picture of her holding a can of Coke, which gave the caption writers something of an open goal.

However, with little more than a few long-lens photos, none of which actually show the pair of them, the NOTW falls back on "friends" of Kate:

"Kate did see Pete and they both stayed overnight at the home of mutual friends.

"She's trying very hard to help him as a friend to overcome his drug problems and she still cares for him. This does not necessarily mean they are going to become a couple again."

Which, oddly for a made-up quote, is probably the only clear line in their whole piece.

The paper also brings in their agony auny Jane Butterworth for, um an insight:

"Kate is obviously addicted to Pete and him to her. He is a very needy person and Kate needs to be needed.

"But he is a terrible role model for her three-year-old daughter. Kate must tell him to get lost. Then he might get himself sorted."

Kate needs to be needed? But does Pete need someone who needs to be needed? Does Kate need to be needed by someone who only needs her for her neediness? And if she needs to be needed for being needed, can she provide for the needs that Pete needs? (Is that awkward space at the bottom of the page filled now?)

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