Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Lethal Bizzle - he used to be in the More Fire Crew where his stupid name probably didn't attract such eye-rolling - brought mayhem to Liverpool after his Sunday gig.

At an aftershow party on Bold Street's Bar and Grill, the "Bizzle entourage" were at the heart of a clash with locals which saw three teenagers stabbed:

Police believe the two groups began arguing inside before the row spilled out onto the street.

Six Merseyside youths and three youths and a girl from London are still being questioned on suspicion of assault and public disorder.

It seems like the Bar & Grill staff ejected troublemakers, allowing them to fight on the street instead.


Anonymous said...

whoever done it are nobheads it was the same person who done it to all of them & lethal just ran 2 the car the lil shit bag. i know them 3 lads & they didn't deserve what they got. (there woz 4 but noffin really happened 2 da other 1) they're gettin better now anyway

Anonymous said...

I was there and actually it was the Liverpool NOBS who started to hate on the london lads and they kicked off with them for no reason (trust me) confirmed. Liverpool pussies were even trying to beat up girls in the entourage. Dont realise they only spoil it for themselves and yea if one of his entourage can put THREE scousers in hospital its a good thing no one else really caused any damage!!

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