Friday, March 31, 2006


Not perhaps quite getting how long Whitney has apparently been on crack, not how much she loves crack, Mary J "I used to like a drink, so that's similar, isn't it" Blige is convinced Houston will pull through:

“I’m saddened by the whole thing.

“Whitney is technically the best vocalist in the business.”

But Mary believes Whitney has the strength to make a charts comeback.

She said: “Whitney will come through. I have every faith that she will make a breakthrough. I’m just praying for her now.”

Yeah? So much for the power of your prayers, Mary: Whitney got evicted from a house she wasn't meant to be living in and now faces legal action because of the damage she and roomie Cherelle (blimey, there's a pop name from down the dumper) did to the place. (Presumably, this is where Whitney knocked the hole in the toilet wall to keep an eye on things.)

The curious thing here, though, is Fox News seems to be condemning its sister newsish operation, The Sun, for paying money to Tina Brown for jump-starting all these stories:

It doesn’t help that this week, Whitney was sold out by her sister-in-law, Tina Brown (not to be confused with the journalist Tina Brown). Tina’s brother is Houston’s often-arrested and imprisoned former pop star husband Bobby.

Tina sold the most salacious stories she could muster to "The National Enquirer" and the "UK Sun" tabloid, along with pictures that suggest a horrifying saga of Whitney’s drug abuse. Her take could be as high as $200,000. There has been some suggestion that Brown, needing cash, put her up to it.

We'd love to think this was going to be the start of internal battles in the Murdoch kingdom - we haven't had this much fun since Fox News and The Simpsons had a public fight over pretend news tickers. And the Simpsons parody of Fox's pretend news tickers.

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