Thursday, March 09, 2006


If you want to be a gas installer or a doctor, you can't just pitch up and start trading; you need to have a licence. Now, it's never seemed neccesary for a licence to practice music before, but with James Rooney and Farnsworth Bentley announcing plans to get on the iTunes, surely it's time to insist?

James Rooney is a cousin of Wayne, who even we know is the footballer who had to leave Everton for Man Utd because his big red face used to clash with the Merseyside team's blue shirts. James is with a band called Caution, and they've written a song about the World Cup:

"We've recorded a song called Dreams and Wayne and Coleen think it's brilliant."

Great. Trouble is, Wayne and Coleen's taste is probably called into question by the fact that they're a couple, isn't it?

Farnsworth Bentley used to be P Diddy's butler and - now the chances of breaking into the lucrative search engine logo market have been wrecked by Ask dropping the Jeeves - he's looking to make some music:

"He's already done Making the Band 2 in America and appeared in Outkast's video for The Way You Move, so he's no stranger to the music world.

"And of course as he used to be Diddy's butler he certainly knows a thing or two about making it in the music world."

So... warming up Puff Daddy's pants in the morning and standing about in a pop video is of more use than, you know, talent and stuff?

Still, if flunkies are moving into centre stage, who knows who could be next?

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