Thursday, March 02, 2006


Robbie Williams - who scientists are planning to use to measure the exact distance between 'money' and 'sense' - is buying a second house in LA because the back garden in his main house won't give him space for a full football pitch.

It's going to cost him another five million, but it's money well spent for Robbie, who likes the idea of having twenty-men playing about round the back.


Eyetie said...

Why twenty? Two games of five-aside? Unlikely on one full-size pitch. You probably meant 21 (for two full-size teams), 22 (plus the ref), 24 (plus the linesmen) or 24,024(plus all the people who wishes he would follow George Michael into self-imposed exile).

Billy said...

I think it was supposed to be two full teams less Robbie (who would be on one of the teams). Therefore 20.

will said...

Will he also be building a shower block too, or will they all get together in one of those big baths? Perhaps thats why he wants to have a football pitch.

Pauly said...

nope got it, it's two full teams, robbie up front and only the goalie in front of him - he's already beaten off the rest of the opposing team.

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