Friday, March 03, 2006


Mark Feehily, out of Westlife, reckons he's something of a rolemodel for gay men, it seems.

We're not entirely sure what the role he thinks he's modeling is: are there huge numbers of people who hide their sexuality in a bid to try and flog gnatweak pop to premenopausal women until they've got enough financial security and are under enough fear of tabloid exposure to grudgingly come out?

"If somebody does come out that is in the public eye then they are going to represent (all homosexuals)," he said.

"I don't know that I necessarily like it too much because, knowing me, I would probably say the wrong thing.

"But in that sense all I can do is try and share what I have learnt through my experience."

We're sure the 14 year old kids will be delighted to be able to draw on the depth of this experience - it's so often about managing the press coverage which causes difficulties for gay and bisexual teens.


Anonymous said...

What hard to understand ?? Is he obliged as gay person to be role model . NO he is Not he just wana live normal life with his boyfriend with no fight with narrow mind people * homophic* . you know its his personality he`s the shy kind who dont talk muck at interviews and the other lads talk insted thats why he said he doesnt want to be role model but stil proud that he is gay and in love with a fella .....

simon h b said...

Anonymous... The point, in case you're having trouble understanding it, is that Feehily did say that he was a role model for young gay men, "sharing what I have learnt through my experience".

Feehily's time in the closet wasn't because he was "shy", it because the band's management thought it would harm record sales if he came out. Hardly gay pride.

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