Monday, March 06, 2006


Some top swearing fun contained in the latestOfcom complaints bulletins, both terrible accidents.

First up, the Performance channel was in such a hurry to get a Dr John documentary on the air it made the fatal mistake of sticking it out without watching it first.

So, a stream of shits, fucks "and 'derivatives'" went out at lunchtime. Performance have form for this sort of thing, but even so seem to have got away with a wagging finger and a warning to be more careful.

Meanwhile, Men and Motors managed to soundtrack a 4.30pm competition with a nigga, shit and fuck-filled backing track. (Someone - we suspect Andi Peters once played the 'what the fuck was that' version of EMF's Unbelievable during the broom cupboard part of Children's BBC.) It was all a terrible mistake, blustered ITV, and so Ofcom are happy to draw a line under the affair.