Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Good news for face powder manufacturers - the Dresden Dolls return next month with album number two, Yes, Virginia.

The bad news is Amanda Palmer claims she's grown out of the need to "over-complicate" her music, which is a shame - we were very fond of the way Dolls songs sounded like especially well-stocked junk shops, with piles of discarded bits threatening to fall over at any moment.

They're keen to stress, though, that they're not Goth:

"In Germany, people are more open and excited by the first impression of the band and the kind of goth look of the band. But the music is anything but goth. In America, it's this nasty black mark, but we have about as much in common with Marilyn Manson as we do with Kenny Loggins."

Ha! The invoke the name of the dark one, the Loggins, and yet they try to claim they have no links with the dark side? They fool us not.

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Eyetie said...

From the Bloodhound Gang: "Like a Kenny Loggins record, no-one's going to hear you."

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