Monday, March 27, 2006


Apparently having found some sort of success to be as hollow as much of his act, Will Young seems to have turned to God. Curiously, his path to God appears to have been via the fundamentalist Alpha Course.

Obviously, Will's choice of religion is up to him, but it's sad that he's picked a group whose spiritual leader Nicky Gumbel compares gay men with paedophiles, asserts that God didn't "design our bodies for homosexual intercourse", believes homsexuality to involve "shameful lusts". Gay people are ill. A spot of self-hatred. That'll help Will with the depression, then.


danni said...

this is sad if it is true. I hope Will figures stuff out for himself.

Anonymous said...

Nicky Gumbel is not a homophobe and definately doesn't say any of those things on any of the Alpha videos.

simon h b said...

I'm afraid he is one of these people who suggest that it breaks his heart that homosexuality is wrong and that they need healing. But he does believe that:

"First of all," says Nicky, "I have many wonderful homosexual friends. There's even an Alpha for gays running in Beverly Hills! Really! I think it's marvellous! But if a paedophile said, 'Ever since I was a child I found myself attracted to children', we wouldn't say that that was normal, would we?" A small gasp. "Now, I am not for a moment comparing homosexuals with paedophiles, but the Bible makes it very clear that sex outside marriage, including homosexual sex, is, unfortunately, a sin." He says he wishes it wasn't so, but the Bible makes it clear that gay people need to be healed.

"Although I strongly advise you not to say the word 'healed' to them," he quickly adds. "They hate that word." "

There may be a better word for someone who believes that gay people need "healing" than homophobe, but I can't think of one.

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