Thursday, April 27, 2006


Nobody would want to think of Justin Hawkins as a shit-stirring moron, so presumably the reports that he's written (yes) another World Cup song which bangs on about the war must be wrong, surely?

The Sun is quick to pull him up on it - after all, they're only backing a song which has replaced Adolf Hitler's name with Jurgen Klinsmann's. That's not the same thing at all.

Justin's defence?

“The whole point of an England World Cup song is to assert our national identity and talk about the achievements of a great nation.

“Why can’t we commemorate all those men who gave their lives in the name of freedom in the war? And, of course, in this case — to bash The Hun? It’s a national sport.”

In what way does Justin believe that a song sung in falsetto stirring up racial hatred that those men fought to bury is a tribute?


Robin Carmody said...

I think this sort of xenophobia is disproportionately common in East Anglia, no doubt due to its being the most Anglo-Saxon part of the country; superficially similar areas in the West Country may be just as white, but the white population there has much more Celtic blood, which tends to reduce this sort of poisonous bullshit.

It merely shows what his sort of rock music has become, and perhaps always was (or, at least, had the potential to be); an excuse for vile Europe-hating propaganda.

Robin Carmody said...

And I say again, Hawkins and all his fellow travellers have Iraqi blood on their hands.

Eyetie said...

England's "Two World Wars and one World Cup" is eclipsed by Italy's "Two World Wars and Three World Cups". And , yes, we were on the winning side by the end of both world wars despite being amazingly shafted after WW1 (our main reason for not playing ball after WW2).
Funnily enough, we don't go on about it even when we stuffed the Germans a few months ago.

Eyetie said...

Fellow travellers??? That phrase hasn't been common currency since the 1960s. Just say what you mean ("liberal commie bastard") and then go home for a hot cup of cocoa and a suppository.

Robin Carmody said...

Of course you don't go on about it. That is because you are civilised Europeans (Berlusconi and his henchmen excepted). I only wish we were ...

And I used "fellow travellers" ironically. I meant "bigots whose fear of their fellow Europeans has prevented the British government from committing itself fully to the European Union and therefore led directly to our involvement in the Iraq war crime".

Robin Carmody said...

And I hope you're fucking happy with what you've done, Rupert, you *cunt*:

Anonymous said...

what do you think you are doing you English?

Compare our Klinsmann with HITLER?

Don`t forget you and your team is only guest in germany!
In 1996 we germans did not come to you and made fun of your past (south africa, india...)

P.S.: How is Wayne Rooneys foot? ;-)
We will win at all.
greetings from germany

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