Friday, April 28, 2006


More dismal news from the Pete Doherty world of sliding into hell this morning, as The Sun is running pictures of himinjecting heroin into an unconscious fan.

The paper reckons these pictures are from the last five weeks (reassuringly, it tells its readers that Kate Moss wasn't about at the time) and includes some crack pipes and tourniquets and other such stuff in its portfolio.

What makes it worse for the paper, though, is apparently the social class of the girl sharing Pete's drugs:

The comatose girl is from a middle-class background and idolises Doherty, often visiting him at his flat. She was left on the floor while he and his pals prepared more class A drugs for themselves.

The paper also has a source, which sounds a bit like "someone in the newsroom" to us:

“Doherty will self-destruct. He has no regard for his or anyone else’s safety.

“It’s one thing killing himself, but to inject a young girl as she lies on the floor is a disgrace. He should be in jail.

Clearly, The Sun won't be satisfied until that's where he ends up; and it seems Pete won't be, either. We believe it's called co-dependency.


Robin Carmody said...

I like your comment about The Sun's curious class-consciousness. It seems to judge the people who tend not to actually read the paper by standards absurdly different from those by which it judges its core readership; hence its stream of "TOFFS ON RAMPAGE" stories over the years, when far worse behaviour among the lumpenproletariat goes uncommented upon ...

Dora said...

Scroll down for Peter's response. heavyhorse is his real login.

Anonymous said...

I thought the pic looked more like he was taking the needle out than sticking it in from the way his hand is positioned.

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