Friday, April 28, 2006


After a dreadful couple of weeks for Eminem - the divorce-remarriage ending again, his Best Man shooting someone dead and being shot himself - the fightback for positive coverage has started with what amounts to "Did I mention that I'm talking to my Mum again?"

Yes, you did.

This time, though, his PR team are upping the Extreme Makeover Home Edition factor by stressing how ill ole Ma Mathers is:

But now a source close to the family says: “The nightmare Debbie has been going through with her cancer has put everything in perspective.”

Em has agreed to foot the £210,000 bill for his mum’s medical treatment.

Debbie Mathers is very, very ill right now; let's hope this is one time Em doesn't build a bridge only to blow it up with relationship dynamite before the month is out.

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