Tuesday, April 18, 2006


We're not totally convinced this is quite a leak - after all, we can picture an excited executive beating himself off and excitedly enthusing over how viral it is. Yes, Jack White's TM Coke ad is on the internet.

It's the right thing to do
and you know it
It's inside of you
so just show it
love is the truth.

Mmm, so he's not only attempting to sell his talent, but he's also trying to parcel up love and sell it as a product of the Coca-Cola company.

Jack's defence for allowing his ass to be stuffed with gold coin is that he saw this as a great way for getting a message of love out to the world. Because, of course, you can't do that without being a large sum of money.

Presumably he divorced Meg when Michigan State Insurance stopped sponsoring him to tell her he loved her.

Jack tells us "it's the right thing to do".

Greg Crister, author of Fat Land, isn't so sure:

"A joint study by Harvard University and Boston Children's Hospital researchers in February 2001 concluded that such excess liquid calories inhibited the ability of older children to compensate at mealtime, leading to caloric imbalance and, in time, obesity."

"One extra soft drink a day gave a child a 60 percent greater chance of
becoming obese. One could even link specific amounts of soda to specific amounts of weight gain. Each daily drink added .18 points to a child's body mass index (BMI). This, the researchers noted, was regardless of what else they ate or how much they exercised.

It's the right thing to do...

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