Saturday, April 29, 2006


The efforts to try and push Will Young as an actor are continuing, despite his role in Mrs Henderson Presents having caught the eye of no critics at all. Young has signed on with an agency which, the 3AM girls reckon, is "the road to Hollywood stardom".

Even although even the guy who played Trevor Cleaver must have had an agent at some point.

"They look after Willem Dafoe, Nick Nolte and new Bond girl Eva Green," says an insider. "They only look at talented actors. He has three auditions lined up already so it's looking good."

And Kevin Spacey is so impressed by Will's talents he's asked him to act in the next Old Vic fundraiser.

Mind you, if Spacey knew what he was doing, there wouldn't be quite the same desperation for an Old Vic fundraiser in the first place. And, erm, won't Young be doing what he's famous for (singing tolerably well) rather than acting? Singing at a theatre benefit doesn't make you an actor, any more than conducting a charity auction for breast cancer awareness makes you a surgeon.

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