Sunday, April 23, 2006


While we do enjoy the Ray Cooney detail of George Michael going to the wrong hotel and alarming a sleeping travelling salesman by hammering at his door assuming he was the bloke he'd met earlier in the evening, Gay man (already arrested for cottaging) enjoys cruising isn't exactly much of a shock, is it?

His cousin Andreas Georgiou has been telling the Sunday Mirror all about it. To, you know, help George:

"Now I'm not there to help and protect him, there is no one in his circle who does that for him like I did."

It's not clear why Andreas believes George shouldn't be able to choose who he has sex with and when, though.

Andreas said: "George cruises. That's what he does. That is a big part of his life. That's what the driving is all about - and that's why George goes out on his own without a driver. He has been cruising for years.

"In George's mind there is no problem with cruising. He's always been that way.

"After the LA incident, George even told me: 'Andreas, that's what I do. I just fancied getting a wank in the afternoon. I get off on it.' And sadly nothing has changed."

It's interesting that Claire King's casual sex with a man she'd just met seems to be okay in the Mirror, but for some reason, Michael's love of casual sex is a character flaw which "sadly" hasn't changed.

Andreas doesn't see much of George these days, he's out of the inner circle - presumably that's why he has to express his concern by selling details of Michael's private life to the papers rather than, say, sending a card at Christmas. We wonder why he's out the loop.

"George may have an open relationship with Kenny [Goss] but with Anselmo it was - and would have stayed - monogamous.

"Anselmo was the love of his life. Kenny is just a partner."

We can't see any hint that maybe he's fallen out with, or over, someone at all.

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Iain said...

Three tabloid sex stories in a row, truly you are spoiling us!

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