Saturday, April 22, 2006


Shayne Ward is truly finding his level now - not only has he done the advert with two fluffy puppets for Woolworths, he's also being added to a Madam Tussauds display. Curiously, he's being stuck in the place previously occupied by David and Victoria Beckham:

Says an insider: "This is a real first as no other reality-show winners have been immor talised this way.

"Shayne was the perfect model and is bound to get a lot of attention when he's unveiled in May. David and Victoria have been in Tussauds for years so a little rest won't do them any harm."

He is the perfect model for Tussauds - the singer for people who don't like music in the tourist attraction for people who don't like actually discovering anything new while they're on holiday.

Ward's debut album is currently outselling the rest of the top fifteen put together. But it is a bit of a quiet week.

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