Tuesday, April 18, 2006


On the day that Jack White's Coke ad appears, news that Franz Ferdinand have turned down a fifty million dollar ad campaign:

The Scotsman report the band would not reveal the company who has offered the contract but stated “It wasn't... Coca Cola or anything like that. It was just a thing that needed some music associated with it. We just had to say no because of the gut reaction. It wasn't because we didn't want to sell more records. It was just because it didn't feel right”.

So, it wasn't Coke "or anything like that" - so what could it have been? That sort of cash makes us wonder if it had been a World Cup type theme-tune or, more likely, a car ad; certainly, we have to be talking about the US market here as it's hard to think of a product which would persuade nearly every UK household to purchase a Franz Ferdinand album.

Unless the advert was "playing Walk Away will save you from bird flu."

We had hoped to get a comment from Moby on this one, but he's still stuggling with the concept of "turning down" an advert.


Anonymous said...

err, 50 million? bollocks!

simon h b said...

I think that figure included the cash from the "twenty million" extra albums

Anonymous said...

I think we've been duped. It's a cunning image disguise. They can keep their indie image by maintaining their objection to accepting money for advertising in every interview by repeating in the phrase "it was not for the *noise of can opening* refreshing taste of Coca-Cola or anything like that..." They'll probably also slip the odd word into live performances when nobody's looking. "well do ya, do ya, do ya wanna, wanna coke?"

simon h b said...

"No, no, we chose to cover I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing because we love it"

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