Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Not content with having stacks of drug cases at home, Pete Doherty is now working on a pan-European record. The AFP news agency reports that German police would like a word:

A spokesman said police in the western city of Cologne had launched a probe against the Babyshambles frontman, who is on tour in the country, based on allegations he drove with two fans into the city centre over the weekend and consumed narcotics with them in the car.

The spokesman said the police were analysing photographs of the alleged incident and planned to question witnesses.

Let's hope the MTV camera crew don't push for assault charges over the blood-squirting...

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MTV News said...

Pete Doherty Shoots What May Be Blood At MTV Crew
The Babyshambles singer sits down to an interview with MTV News Germany, pulls out a syringe full of what appears to be blood and squirts it at the camera.
Video of incident:

See also MTV News article:
Incident is latest in a string of erratic behavior by ex-Libertines singer.

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