Saturday, May 20, 2006


Having managed to shove over the McCartney marriage this week, the press are now trying to make it two-for-zero and trying to finish off the Spears-Federline union as well. Britney has been off nearly-dropping baby Sean (her religion, you'll recall) while Kevin has been continuing to try and talk up his rap music:

Just this week he hesitated when he was asked on an American radio station if Britney is better in bed than his ex, actress SHAR JACKSON.

He didn’t hesitate because the question was inappropriate — but because he just couldn’t make up his mind.

Most husbands would want to be by their wife’s side while she fulfils work commitments in the Big Apple and awaits the birth of their second child in October

But Kev appears to see things very differently.

Yes, but then Kev has often taken a relaxed attitude to pregnant partners - most men would rather be with their partner while she awaited the birth of their child rather than going off and shagging Britney Spears, but as Shar Jackson points out quite frequently, that's not Kevin's way.