Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Metallica's James Hetfield has snuffled in public as part of his attack on the "horrible myth" of sex and drugs and rock & roll:

After a moments silence "for the people who didn't make it, that aren't with us, who could be and I think should be" he told the crowd: "What a horrible statement, to me. It is a myth. And to have those things attached to music, which is the best drug in the whole fucking world, moves me like no other.

And I thank God that I discovered that gift early on.

"Getting sober is not for sissies. Dying is easy, living is hard."

The only thing worse than someone banging on about how brilliant they are now they've overcome their addictions is implying that they're wonderfully hard and butch because of their struggles. The world doesn't need any more Henry Rollinses.