Wednesday, May 31, 2006


We're still reeling - like an Irish dance troupe - from the news that far from being cyberpunks, The Arctic Monkeys were frightened of electricity and distrusted the strange magic speaky-lightbox, so we're not sure we entirely trust the Lifetime Achievement award being given to Prince by the Webbys.

Sure, Tiffany Shlain, the founder of the awards, called Prince "a visionary, who recognized early on that the Web would completely change how we experience music."

But can we trust that?


Anonymous said...

According to the Webbys Site:

"...The Webby Awards will present Dr. Robert Kahn with The Webby Lifetime Achievement Award."

As far as I can see, the award that is Prince related is the NPG Site getting music website of the year - obviously a few palms have been greased so that ol'purple pants himself will be the one giving the obligatory five-worder.


Anonymous said...

Actually, having found the press release

You are right (sorry, surfing through a letterbox at work insn't easy) but I stand by my original comment - only now they've magicked up a lifetime achievement award so he'll attend.

This is a low-rent version of the bogus MTV "King Of Pop" award that Michael Jackson got, isn't it?


Anyway, sorry for the confusion.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

That's actually quite interesting, anon - has poor Dr Kahn been kicked asides to persuade a real-life celeb to turn up?

(That's unless you count the one that isn't John Stewart or Stephen Colbert from the Daily Show.)

Man, I bet Kahn will be pissed off by that - will the Webbys feel the... you know... wrath... of... they've done it deliberately, haven't they?

Anonymous said...

Don't think Kahn has been elbowed, but it seems peach pecker has been added for the very reasons you mention.

Major desparation on the part of the awards organisers, and their PR team. I feel quite sorry for Dr.Kahn, who will now be seeing "Lifetime Award Webby for Prince" everywhere... that's gonna suck.

And well, apparently the Gorillaz are showing up, but as they're 2D, I'm guessing it'll be a filmed acceptance - possibly that realisation has triggered the need for another celeb.

Sad really - the webbys came to prominence as "the people's voice", and claim the back up of the very professional IADAS, but all they seem to do now is want to get themselves noticed, regardless of who deserves the awards. Which, sadly makes them more worthless with every passing year...

And Rob Corddry's quite nice, actually. And pretty funny too.

Anonymous said...

You all obviously don't realise that Prince actually DID pioneer the use of the internet as a channel to distribute music.

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