Friday, May 19, 2006


Snow Patrol have their standards. They're quite happy to generate a medium-sized audience simply by releasing songs. Gary Lightbody doesn't like showier ways:

"I'd never do what Preston did. I've never met him but he's said nice things about us. He seems like a really likeable bloke but I just wouldn't do it. I read that the rest of the band weren't that fussed. He was a fan of the show but that makes it easier.

"I hate that type of show, that I'm A Celeb Fire Me Out Of A Cannon type thing."

In a similar way, Snow Patrol have plegded they'd never try and build an audience by releasing entertaining songs with listenable music and jolly choruses. Lightbody says that might be how some other bands work, but it's not the Snow Patrol way.

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