Friday, May 19, 2006


Neil Diamond has managed to get himself caught up in some sort of neighbourhood spat, and is suing the widow next door.

Diamond says "he undertook extensive renovations of the apartment and roof "to create a serene environment" for himself."

This is a roof on a New York city centre building, by the way, so the depth of serenity he could achieve is debatable.

Any chances of being able to nip up through the skylight and think pure thoughts, though, were wrecked when the widow Marianne Nestor extended her house upwards. Hence, in come the lawyers:

Diamond's lawsuit, which alleges the work was done without proper permits, says the structure, apparently the base for an air conditioning unit, illegally adds 13 feet to the height to the building. The suit was filed last week and made public Thursday.

Diamond says the value of his apartment has been substantially diminished and the construction has irreparably damaged his enjoyment of his apartment and rooftop. He says money will not compensate for his losses.

However, he'd not turn down a few dollars, we're sure.