Thursday, June 29, 2006


We noticed a comment yesterday from someone styling themselves Borat which smelled a bit fishy - it was a "has anyone else heard about this Dave Stewart band" type unrelated question. It looked like a spam to us, and the appearance of further posts, all about the mystery of Dave Stewart's "first" band Platinum Weird has confirmed that this is some sort of dull PR push for VH1's "amusing" spoof documentary which focuses on this (made-up) band. We wouldn't mind - well, we would - but we'd already posted our rolling-eyed reaction to this Travelling Wilbury flavoured nonesense last week. If you're going to launch a fake comment advertising campaign, at least read the blog you're spamming first, VH1.

And, no, the involvement of Paris Hilton in the project doesn't make it any more attractive.