Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Last month, The BBC had to explain that Chris Moyles impression of a big black man with a gun wasn't intended to be racist. Now, it's explaining that his use of 'gay' wasn't intended to be homophobic.

He does seem to attract a surprising number of misunderstandings, doesn't he?

In the same slew of BBC governer's findings into complaints, the great and the good were called upon to consider The Game's appearance on Jo Whiley's show:

On Jo Whiley's show, The Game caused uproar for calling gay men "faggots" and "not real men".

The governors' committee said: "The Game's comments were very offensive, completely unacceptable and clearly homophobic.

"However, it also noted that the presenter, Jo Whiley, was swift to make a full apology for what had been said and to distance herself and the network from The Game's comments."

Whiley showed "courage and presence of mind" in making a "sincere, full and swift" apology, the committee said.

Apparently, The Game has been barred from future interviews on Radio One.

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