Monday, June 12, 2006


Although it wasn't as bad as the deaths which followed Guns N Roses 1988 Monsters of Rock festival at the same location, this weekend's Download festival came to a nasty end.

Althoug the music passed off without much in the way of trouble - Izzy Stradlin rejoined his old band for three songs - afterwards the by-now familiar routine of fires being started, police being called, and violence breaking out as the cops arrived.

Twelve people were arrested in the resulting microriot.

Superintendent Les Milner from Leicestershire Police appealed for anyone who may have taken pictures or footage of the attacks on their mobile phones to get in touch.

"The disorder involved a number of people and it is not clear at this early stage what sparked the trouble," he said.

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CarsmileSteve said...

not that i want to prejudice police enquiries or anything, but i'd imagine massive quantities of teh bouze coupled with massive amounts of teenage boy hormones may well have had something to do with it...

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