Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Part-time Corrie actor and 6Music presenter Craig Charles has been accused of all sorts in the press this morning - mostly of a taking crack cocaine nature. The BBC (and Granada) are having to pretend they're interested:

A BBC spokeswoman said: "These are very serious allegations and we shall be talking to Craig Charles about them."

A spokeswoman for Coronation Street said: "We will be seeing Craig today to discuss the situation and we will be looking into the allegations."

It's fascinating to see the Mirror running (once again) pictures of what it claims are famous people taking cocaine. Doubtless Ian Blair will be pledging to spend hundreds of thousands investigating this one, too.


Tim Footman said...

Craig Charles is from Liverpool.

simon h b said...

He was travelling from London to Manchester when the alleged incident occurred; it would imply he had and possibly obtained the drugs in London. That's more than enough for Ian Blair to swing into action. Good lord, say "hey, I saw a man with a chemical vest in a house the other day" and he'll have 250 people down there with jackhammers and drills...

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