Saturday, June 10, 2006


The withdrawing of the apology to the President isn't making things easy for the Dixie Chicks, even in the context of a nation starting to go "Hang about... maybe this Geogre chap isn't all that coherent." Tickets for their forthcoming tour aren't entirely selling out overnight and there's talk of "reorganization" of some dates. (That's a face-saving way of cancelling, apparently.)

It might not be their stance on Dubya, though, that's causing the problem: It could be the repudiation of country music that's blown away their audience.

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John McAdams said...

No Chicks on Milwaukee Country Radio:

I think it all comes back to arrogance. They didn't just express a political opinion when asked, they went out of their way to attack Bush personally.

And in an interview with Howard Stern, they attacked conservative fans.

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