Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Websites which know about this sort of thing (and Karl T) seem convinced that Pete Doherty has found a new home at Domino.

No, no, that doesn't mean the anti-abortionist pizza company will have to change their pledge that you can be certain you'll get your pizza within a few days of ordering it, or maybe something a bit like it, or perhaps just a request to hand over the tip.

Domino records. Like we say, it's all rumours and guesswork so far, but we think the chatter is more solid than anything we've gone to war on in the last few years.

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acb said...

If this is true, then it sounds like the final stage in Domino's transformation from credible underground indie label into late-era Creation, just before they got swallowed by Sony. Their Oasis are, of course, Franz Ferdinand.

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