Thursday, June 29, 2006


Finally coming into line with what most of the rest of the aid and development world was saying even before Madonna had left the stage at Live 8, Bob Geldof is starting to wonder if maybe those promises at the G8 summit don't ammount to more than a hill of well-means.

The Irish pop star is expected to name individual countries which he feels have not done enough to keep the pledges made 12 months ago.

Hmm. Of course, the time to have told world leaders "we're watching you" would have been back when there was a massive popular movement. Sadly, Live8 hijacked the Make Poverty History campaign and then its leaders Bob n Bono went to play golf with their friends and came back with a metaphorical Mission Accomplished banner hanging behind their heads.

No wonder the G8 felt able to bask in the glow of last June, safe in the knowledge that the mass movement demanding change had just been stood down by Gedlof and Vox.


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