Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Having spent most of the month goading her by running her porn pictures, this morning The Sun reports in a concerned voice that she's behaving a little oddly.

Apparently she's become convinced that as she's got Beatle connections, she's become a target:

“John Lennon was shot and George Harrison was stabbed and loads of kids are kidnapped.”

As a precaution, she's started filming everyone she sees in the street in case they're up to no good - the paper suggests this is bizarre behaviour, although since it relies a great deal on paying photographers to sit in the street filming people in case they're up to no good, it's hardly in a place to talk.

Pals fear Heather is highly stressed.

One said last night: “We are increasingly concerned about her behaviour.

“She had the public break up of her marriage and then there were the pornography claims.

To try and help, The Sun follows this worried friend's words by, erm, providing a big link to watch the video of Mills trying out for page three.

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