Friday, June 09, 2006


Heather Mills would have been able to breathe easily today - the combination of the World Cup and Zarqawi (they dropped two massive bombs on him, reducing his hideout to rubble, and yet not only were they able to find his body quickly, it was still in one piece and instantly recognisable - what luck for the Pentagon, eh?) would have been enough to ensure the porn pictures started to drop from view.

And so they would, had her ex-husband not popped up letting it be known he wasn't fuming. In a bid to try and "help", he's given the story some fresh wings:

And her estranged husband dismissed claims they had left him "shocked beyond belief".

He told friends: "There's nothing in her past I don't know about. Nothing. I knew she'd done the pictures before we married. It was such a long time ago."

Oddly, he's not being so supportive as to try the ridiculous "they were educational pictures" defence.

Of course, it was likely Macca did know about the photos - they've been circulating quite widely since Mills got engaged to thumbsaloft, it's just that now the Murdoch press feel it's open season.

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