Monday, June 12, 2006


Having had a half-year away from the headlines, Mindy McCready has decided to remind everyone about her overdose-arrest-bail-skipping lifestyle by suing her ex-boyfriend:

Country crooner Mindy McCready has sued her ex-boyfriend, William McKnight, for $3 million claiming he beat her last year and because of this, her career suffered, the Associated Press reports.

"One of the problems is that, literally, venues worried about whether ... McKnight would show up and someone would get hurt," McCready’s spokesman, Paul Berg, said.

Other people, of course, were just worried that McCready would turn up, drunk and driving, and someone would get hurt. It's not known if McCready will be looking to add a lawsuit against herself before this comes to court.

We're not sure if the most usual reaction to being the victim of a criminal offence is to demand three million pounds rather than reporting it to the police, but we're not legally trained.

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